Ambulance Service

We all are aware of the fact, that a patient who receives basic life support care by a medical professional and can be transported to the nearest hospital within 15 min has a much higher chance of survival. Lifepoint Multispecialty hospital facilitates an excellent 24/7 Ambulance service, the significant part of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Our Basic Life Support ambulance is equipped with an oxygen cylinder, BP apparatus, Nebulizer, Stretcher and First aid medical kit. Driven by a skilful driver, the ambulance also carries on board doctor and a nurse for critical emergencies.

Lifepoint Multispecialty hospital also provides Transfer ambulance service for Non-emergency patients and Mortuary Ambulance service for conveyance of dead body.

A delay of even a portion of second in providing emergency life support service to the patient can be fatal. Our professional Ambulance service team takes utmost care in successfully managing such a crucial emergency medical situation.