An Anaesthesiologist is the one who administers and manages Anesthesia during a surgical procedure. The aim of our Anaesthesiology department is to make the surgical procedure easy for the surgeon as well as the patient with effective pain management without compromising on patient’s safety. They keep a track on the patient’s heart rate, breathing and blood pressure during the surgery. They are the ones who deal with any kind of medical emergency and critical situations that arise during the procedure.

The Anaesthesiologists at Lifepoint Multispecialty Hospital evaluate the patient's physical and medical conditions prior to the surgery. They keep a special note of patient’s medical history, allergies, lifestyle, smoking and drinking, use of illegal street drugs, medications and herbal supplements if any. Also, if the patient had any reaction to previous anaesthesia.

All this information is essential for the Anaesthesiologist because many medication and supplements interfere with particular anaesthetic drugs. Also, use of street drugs, smoking and drinking affects the way an anaesthetic drug works during the surgery.

The Department Of Anaesthesiology at LPMH also provides complete patient care service during acute and chronic pain and minor OT services.

We have a team of experienced anaesthesiologists, nurses and technicians in the field of Anaesthesiology. Our Anaesthesiology department ensures safety and quality in everything we do and provide high quality pain management services.