Casualty Services

The term “Casualty” literally means an injured person. The casualty department is many a time also called as Accident or Emergency department (ED) or Emergency ward (EW). This is because patients usually present themselves without prior appointment, either on their own or by ambulance.

Being located on the national highway, Lifepoint Multispecialty Hospital aims at providing the superlative and unmatched medical services. We provide acute care to the patients who drop by for emergency medical services (EMS).

Casualty at LPMH provides EMS for a broad range of injuries and illnesses. Due to the unexpected or spontaneous nature of patient’s emergency, the department is equipped with all emergency drugs such as Cardiac drugs, drugs to treat hypoglycaemia, Anti-emetics, Analgesics, Anti-allergics, Bronchodilators, Thrombolytic drugs, Haemostatics, Sedatives, Local Anesthesia. The 5 bedded Casualty at LPMH has all the necessary equipments including B.P apparatus, Stethoscope, E.C.G. machines , Pulse meter, Cardiac monitor, Nebulizer, Defibrillator, E.N.T. instruments, Suction machine, Suction catheter, Weighing machine, Thermometer, Thomas splint, Oxygen cylinder, Sterile water.

A post graduate Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) and skilled nursing staff are available 24*7 for patient service.

The best thing at LPMH Casualty is that, when an accident, trauma or assault patient comes here with serious injury, we do not insist on filling any kind of form or ask any information. The aim at that particular moment is to provide him/her the required basic life support service. For such patients, a basic life support service is provided for 6 hours.

The compassionate and caring attitude of their staff and outstanding emergency medical services provided by them, ranks Lifepoint Multispecialty Hospital No.1 and preferred choice of all patients in close vicinity.