IPD at Lifepoint Multispeciality Hospital

The inpatient department (IPD) at Lifepoint Multispecialty Hospital comprises of three floors. Beginning from the first floor, where we have both AC & non AC general ward. The double occupancy or the semi-private rooms are located on second floor while the private, deluxe and suite rooms are available on fourth floor at LPMH.

The IPD beds at general ward have been arranged smartly so as to provide adequate space between two beds. It is not only convenient for the attendant but also for the doctor and nursing staff attending the patient. Ample space is provided besides every bed for placing medical equipment if required. The ward has been thoughtfully designed where the huge windows provide ensure plenty of sunlight and fresh air.

The Semi-private and private rooms at LPMH are equipped with small beds for attendant, AC, Television, Intercom, bathroom, an interactive 24-hour nurse call system for any kind of emergency. Beds at semi-private rooms are separated by curtains. Apart from these facilities, the suite rooms are furnished with sofa-cum bed, couch, Wi-Fi connection, refrigerator and microwave oven. All private and suite rooms are adorned with beautiful flower arrangements and pleasant landscape pictures.

The Intensive Care Unit or ICU at LPMH provides a caring and compassionate service to the patients. Here, the patient: nurse ratio is 3:1 which ensures a personal 24*7 watch on critical patients.

All IPD patients are provided 5 therapeutic meal services from the hospital kitchen. These diet meals are tailor made according to individual patient need by our Nutritionist. We serve only vegetarian food at LPMH.

The hospital IPD has particular visiting time for patient relatives. The complete hospital is a “NO-Smoking” zone and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in hospital premises.

Positive feedbacks and appreciation from our patients makes our IPD services grow stronger each day.