Operation Theatre (OT)

Operation Theatre (OT) Complex at Lifepoint Multispeciialty Hospital has 3 operating rooms that are satisfactorily equipped to handle major and minor surgeries. We cover a comprehensive range of surgical specialities including Bariatric surgery, Plastic surgery, Vascular surgery, Obstetric surgery, Neurological surgery, General surgery, Cardiac surgery, Trauma & Orthopaedic surgery, Ophthalmology , Oncology, ENT Surgery, Dental/Maxillo-facial Surgery, Urology, Arthroscopy surgery, Colonoscopy surgery and Endoscopy surgery.

Keeping in mind the incidence of post operative acquired infections, we have an upgraded infrastructure with laminar airflow designed air conditioning system and Hepa Filter to eradicate OT acquired infection.

The operation theatres are well equipped with medical gas points, medical gas alarms, optical fire detectors, equipment mounting, video connectivity, temperature and humidity monitoring, sterile and unsterile zones, bacteriostatic PVC flooring and 24 hour R O water supply.

Our OT department provides outstanding surgical facilities 24*7. We pride ourselves for delivering high quality of surgical specialities and wide range of expertise. The OT department team comprises off trained nurses, OT technicians and assistants and sterile service staff. This support team works closely with the surgeons and anaesthetists to assure the best possible service to the patients.