Ear, Nose and Throat Care department at Lifepoint:

-Helping you get rid of your E.N.T. problems.

An ENT specialist is a person who will be able to help you through your ear nose and throat concerns. An ENT specialist is also called an otolaryngologist. Since your ears, nose and throat are connected with each other, an ENT specialist will be able to treat any concerns related to them such as earaches, sore throats, allergies and many more issues regarding ear, nose and throat.

The conditions and symptoms of ENT diseases vary in their severity. The trio, ear-nose-throat work in tandem with each other, it is like a close association of works. Any concern or an issue with one may lead to a problem in another.

The connections also may differ. For example if you think that tonsillitis; where your tonsils become inflamed has nothing to do with sinus problems you have; think again or rather consult an ENT specialist. The tonsillitis might be because of the sinus. Your throat problem might be associated with that ear ache you have been having. This is why this science is amalgamated as ear, nose and throat specialization.

A beneficial part of this triad arrangement is that a treatment or nourishment for one part of the trio can also shift and aid other parts. People tend to downplay the symptoms of ear, nose and throat considering that it is a part of flu or a common cold. Your ears can have an ear infection if they are not treated on time, a cold that doesn’t get better or throat problems; all concerns regarding E.N.T. are treated promptly and efficiently at LifePoint hospital.

Our State-of-art facilities include:

  • Audio-vestibular Evaluation
  • Deafness rehabilitation
  • Hi – Tech Diagnostic Equipment
    • Video Nasal Endoscopy
    • Oto-Endoscopy
    • Video Tele-laryngo-pharyngoscopy
    • Micro ear and microlaryngoscopy.